The Resident Season 6 Episode 2 Release Date, Spoilers: The Result Of Conrad’s Choice

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Fans have finally officially met Conrad's (Matt Czuchry) new love interest in The Resident Season 6 premiere. But as the two's romance is just about to begin, viewers will see the result of Conrad's choice and the chemistry between them in The Resident Season 6 Episode 2.

Fans have been wondering who will be Conrad's next romantic partner for months, though some already have an idea of who she can be after the sparks began flying between them at the end of the previous season. That said, more about their relationship may be revealed in The Resident Season 6 Episode 2.

Co-Creator Discusses Conrad's New Romance

In an interview withTVLine, series co-creator Amy Holden Jones revealed that the writers discussed the woman Conrad should pursue.

However, they ensured it wouldn't be too obvious when and how it should happen.

After the sixth season's premiere episode ended, Conrad and Cade's romance was confirmed. The two shared a kiss and planned to see each other again.

However, what about Billie (Jessica Lucas)?

A Brewing Love Triangle

Billie told Raptor (AJ Austin) that she planned to tell Conrad her true feelings at Kit (Jane Leeves) and Bell's (Bruce Greenwood) engagement party.

However, Conrad had already left with Cade before she could even say anything.

Billie convinced herself that she was fine being Conrad's best friend. But, Raptor insisted that she should "win the love of her life back."

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"AJ's theory of why Conrad picked Cade may be right. [Billie] was Nic's best friend, which is complicated, and it's true Conrad did not know this wasn't an impediment to her," Jones said. "Both women are viable choices. And that may continue to be true."

With that said, there's a brewing love triangle between Cade, Conrad, and Billie, as the latter two will remain incredibly close as best friends throughout The Resident Season 6.

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Jones also teased that fans should watch out for the dynamic between Billie, Raptor, and another doctor they have to meet.

The Resident Season 6 Episode 2 Teaser

Jones teased that viewers should watch and see how the "complex chess game of relationships unfold."

"But first, we have to see the ramifications of Conrad's choice," she continued. "Episode 2 is crucial to understanding the chemistry between Conrad and Cade."

Aside from Conrad and Cade's romance, something serious is about to happen in The Resident Season 6 Episode 2.

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"The high stakes governor election results in violence at the polls, causing multiple victims to arrive at Chastain. Conrad finds common ground with an aggressive patient, helping lead to a diagnosis for his outbursts," the synopsis reads, via CarterMatt. "Meanwhile, when another patient's lung collapses, the doctors find a serious root of the issue."

The Resident Season 6 Episode 2 will air on Tuesday, September 27, on Fox.

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