The Real Reason Why Bryan Fuller Left Star Trek Discovery

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Bryan Fuller one of the men behind the fantastic American Gods series, but he was also attached to work on the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery before he decided to leave the project. As it turns out, he had a very different vision for the show when it was being conceptualized, and he left because he couldn't agree with CBS' decisions on how the show should be run.

In an interview with EW (via TrekCore), Fuller reveals that originally envisioned Discovery to be an anthology series akin to that of American Horror Story or Black Mirror.

Fuller sat with CBS executives to deliver his pitch. It wasn't just for a Trek series but for multiple serialized anthology shows that would begin with the Discovery prequel, journey through the eras of Captain James T. Kirk and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and then go beyond to a time in Trek that's never been seen before.


"The original pitch was to do for science fiction what American Horror Story had done for horror," Fuller says, "It would platform a universe of Trek shows."

It was also said that Fuller didn't agree on the hiring David Semel to direct the pilot, and he and Fuller clashed during pre-production, with Fuller thinking that he wasn't the right fit for the job. It was revealed that Fuller had also approached Baby Driver director Edgar Wright to work on the pilot instead.

With Fuller leaving, it looks like CBS had its way with the show. Though I thought the idea of a Trek series that spanned multiple eras to be interesting and new, I'm still hopeful that this new Trek is going to deliver.

Star Trek: Discovery comes out Sept. 4.

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