The Professor Talks About Magic: The Gathering's Buy-A-Box Blunder

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Image: Wizards of the Coast

In the latest video by The Tolarian Community College, The Professor explains why he thinks Magic: The Gathering's recent buy-a-box promos are becoming a problem. If you've been keeping up with the recent Standard format metagame, you're probably aware that the Core 2019 buy-a-box promo Nexus of Fate has become a staple card for Turbo Fog and Control decks. The deck was proven viable at the 25th Anniversary Pro Tour and one deck even made it Top 8 at Grand Prix Brussels. However, since Nexus of Fate was only made available as a buy-a-box promo, many Magic players have voiced their concerns about the card's limited availability. When Nexus of Fate was first released, it was valued $20 USD but since the week before the Pro Tour, the price went up to $40 but it is currently at $33.

The Professor addresses this problem in the video and even brings up an interview with the game's creator Richard Garfield in which he says that he's against the idea of cards costing more than $20 USD each. Going above the reasonable price is not what Garfield wants but The Professor suggests that cards that are "simply for collecting" such as those with alternate artworks, foils, and premium versions of cards that are available in packs would make better buy-a-box promos while still making the regular version still accessible to most players.

Watch the video below:


You can watch the full interview with Richard Garfield below:


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