Alpha Investments Warns Players Of Re-Sealed Magic: The Gathering Pre-Release Kits

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Image: Alpha Investments/YouTube

Rudy of Alpha Investments has released a new video in which he claims that an anonymous person wrote him a letter about his experience of buying fourteen Core 2019 pre-release kits and feeling suspicious that they only contained worthless promos and zero mythic rares. The anonymous source claims that the products have been re-sealed because their shrink-wrap looks different compared to another Pre-Release pack from another game store.

Watch the video below:

To check the authenticity of the product, Rudy compares the packaging of the Core 2019 Pre-Release pack in question with another one, and according to Rudy, the plastic is thinner in the "Re-Sealed" product and the bottom part of the booster packs apparently feel different compared to the normal ones.

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