05 Jul 2016 9:35 PM +00:00 UTC

The New Spider-Man PS4 Game Will Be Open World

The upcoming Spider-Man game for Playstation 4 will be set in an open world Manhattan, just like Spider-Man 2 on Playstation 2.

GamesRadar has discovered, through some Twitter digging and monitoring, some new details about the PS4 Spider-Man game that Insomniac Games revealed at E3. So far, we only know a bit of information about the game: it won't be tied to next year's Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, its scale is massive, and everything we saw in the trailer is 100% gameplay footage, no cinematics.

The game will be running on the Insomniac engine, the same engine that Ratchet and Clank —both of which are coming from developer Insomniac Games—is using. And the most important information about the game: players will be able to freely swing around an open-world Manhattan.

It's revealed that Insomniac is "working very closely" with Marvel to develop the game's story, which won't touch on Peter Parker's origins. Instead, the game will feature a more experienced Spider-Man, and Insomniac is also hinting towards a possible feature in which players could play as both Spider-Man and alter-ego Peter Parker.

As for the controversial white spider symbol in the middle of the suit, Insomniac hasn't revealed any details about that yet, but it will probably be an important element of the game's plot.

Spider-Man for the Playstation 4 has no release date yet.