The New Mutants Gets an Official Release Date, New Trailer Coming Next Week

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It seemed like The New Mutants was going to be canceled after Disney officially bought FOX, especially after the film's release date kept getting delayed, eventually missing out on any kind of 2019 release. All hope seemed lost until news came about a new trailer, which got our hopes up briefly. Thankfully, director Josh Boone has now confirmed that The New Mutants release date will be this year and we're getting a new trailer next Monday.

On Instagram, Boone confirmed that The New Mutants will be coming out on April 6, which is still a while away but is better than nothing. As if that wasn't exciting enough, Boone stated that a new trailer supervised by him, co-writer Knate Lee, and color corrected by Peter Deming, which is pretty cool information, if anything else.


This is a movie that fans have wanted to know more about since its debut trailer and the number of delays have been fairly disappointing. Knowing that the movie is actually going to come out is great news and we hope that New Mutants lives up to our expectations since the world could use some more original superhero movies, especially one with a horror twist.

While we doubt that Marvel is planning to add New Mutants to the MCU, it's good seeing them release what could be the final FOX X-Men movie. The fact that they released dreck like Dark Phoenix is one thing but to see something that is actually taking a risk or two is so much more interesting.

The New Mutants is coming out on April 6.

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