The Midnight Club Star Shares Awesome Ghost Story Cheri Could Tell in Season 2

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There is little doubt that there are still a lot of stories to tell in The Midnight Club. But will any of them actually be told by the mysterious Cheri? Adia has just shared her thoughts on the type of ghost story that her character will share in the Netflix show's second season.

In The Midnight Club, the terminally ill teens of Brightcliffe Home hospice would gather together every night to tell each other ghost stories. All of the members of the Midnight Club would share stories, all except Cheri who refuses to tell a scary tale at night.

But is it possible that Cheri will finally change her mind in The Midnight Club Season 2? Adia, who plays the mysterious character, told Collider that she isn't sure whether Cheri will finally share a story. Still, Adia already has an idea of the type of tale her character will tell.

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“I feel like Cheri is a little edgy. So I feel like she would tell something... I mean, you guys could do this, but I really want to do a Mad Max kind of story or something like that. Like a kind of weird sci-fi in the desert fighting for human rights kind of thing. I think that's kind of what Cheri would lean towards, and I would love to do something like that,” Adia said.

It's certainly different from the previous ghost stories we got in The Midnight Club. With that in mind, it's something we are interested in and we're hoping that Cheri finally gets to spook her friends with a scary story.

For now, it has not yet been announced whether The Midnight Club will be renewed for a second season. In the meantime, all 10 episodes of the first season are available on Netflix.

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