The Mandalorian Fans Plan to Boycott Disney+ Following Gina Carano's Firing

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Credit: Lucasfilm

The entire Star Wars fandom was stunned when news broke out yesterday that Disney has come to terms with the release of The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano from her Lucasfilm contract, officially cutting ties with the controversial actress. The company's decision had something to do with Carano's recent Instagram post which compares being a Republican to a Jew during the Holocaust.

The entire ordeal seems to prove recent rumors suggesting that Carano's role in the hit Disney+ series could be in peril if she does not issue a proper apology to the fans she offended with her socio-political views which mainly concerns her stand on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines and her mockery of mail-in voting.

Just recently, we also reported that the former mixed martial arts fighter personally apologized to Disney executives in hopes of avoiding further damage to her image. Now, it's official. We'll no longer see Gina reprise her role as Cara Dune in any StarWars project moving forward.

The call made by Lucasfilm delighted a lot of her critics who have been storming Gina's Twitter account for months, demanding her to be fired from the House of Mouse. However, Carano's avid followers have called foul on the "unjust" verdict and now, they plan to boycott The Mandalorian's upcoming third season and cancel their Disney+ subscription altogether. See the reactions below:


As of writing, Carano has yet to issue an official statement regarding her firing. Her controversial Instagram story update has also been taken down. Interestingly. she is set to make an appearance on the Babylon Bee podcast, presumably to talk about her involvement in the Star Wars franchise but don't be surprised if she ends up no-showing the interview.

Honestly, it sucks to see Carano go but if anything, this entire situation should teach the actress (and everyone else for that matter) a pretty valuable lesson about the responsible use of social media.

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