The Mandalorian Fans Are Convinced Pedro Pascal's Joel Would NOT Get Along With Grogu

Pedro Pascal has been quite the buzz this year. Not only has he starred as the Mando Din Djarin in The Mandalorian, but this 2023, he debuted on HBO as The Last of Us' Joel Miller. Ever since then, his popularity grew among fans, not to mention that some of them have been around since his days on Game of Thrones.

One fan who happened to be on both fandoms suggested on Twitter that Joel Miller HAS to meet Grogu at some point. The fan suggested this is “the crossover we NEED”.

However, fans on both sides seem to disagree with this, especially seeing that Joel is struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, where the sight of seeing Grogu would not end things well for both ends, despite Pedro Pascal playing a role in the two shows. Some claimed that the Mando meeting Ellie would be more fitting. Check out some of the fan reactions below:

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There is no doubt that Pascal’s portrayal of both characters has led to this debate, which makes it all the more interesting in playing out. While it is possible for this to eventually become a parody or comedy skit of some sort, Joel Miller would, in fact, eliminate Grogu on sight, without hesitation.

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On the other hand, the idea of The Last of Us’ Ellie meeting The Mandalorian’s Din would make more sense, seeing as Din is pretty much closely similar to Joel in terms of being a father figure minus the constant urge of killing things on sight.

It has to be taken into account that Joel and Ellie’s hellish life would not ideally match with Grogu’s non-threatening demeanor. It is more likely for them to look for ways to eliminate Grogu with the assumption that he has become a new species of the Cordyceps virus. What do you think of this tandem?

In the meantime, The Last of Us Episode 8 is now available to stream on HBO Max, with The Mandalorian Season 3 now streaming on Disney+.

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