The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal Astounded By How Video Game Ends

Credit: Liane Hentscher/HBO

Credit: Liane Hentscher/HBO

As the star of HBO's The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal was aware of how the series would conclude. However, the former Game of Thrones actor just discovered how the original video game ends and he is astounded by the ending.

Pedro Pascal Just Found Out How The Last of Us Video Game Ends and He Can't Believe The Ending

Pedro Pascal recently took part in Variety's Actors on Actors with former The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun who is an avid fan of the Last of Us video game. During their conversation, Yeun enthusiastically spoke about playing the game to the final scene.

“I don’t remember what season it was, but when the game came out, I remember I played it 12 hours straight, down to that last…where you just push the characters forward as they’re having that last beautiful scene you have,” Yeun said.

Pascal, who has never played the game before, asked, “Are you serious?”

“Nothing happens,” Steven Yeun replied. “You just walk through the forest.”

Pedro Pascal was already astounded by the revelation. “You’ve told me more about the game than the creator of the video game,” he said.

“So you’re saying that you get to a certain point but you still have to basically play but you’re not fighting anything or looking for anything… it’s not a scene in the video game,” Pascal added.

Yeun insisted that it is. “You have to control the person and just walk through the forest,” he said.

For anyone who has never played the game, it's truly a surprising (yet relaxing) conclusion. At this point, we're wondering if Pedro Pascal has been convinced to give the game a try in the future.

For now, we're not sure if Pascal will start playing the game soon. In the meantime, fans are already looking forward to his return as Joel in The Last of Us Season 2.

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