The Last of Us Finally Debuts First Terrifying Giant Clicker

The past two episodes of The Last of Us has been putting the focus on humans and at some point, viewers seem to have forgotten that it is technically a zombie show. Luckily, Episode 5 made sure to remind audiences and this week, we finally got to see its first monster-sized Clicker, which is known in the Naughty Dog game as a Bloater.

In The Last of Us Episode 5, Joel and Ellie teamed up with Henry and Sam who are also trying to escape Kansas City. They make it as far as the suburbs but are attacked by a sniper. Although Joel manages to find and kill the sniper, he realizes that the man had informed Kathleen about their whereabouts and she is already on her way along with her militia.

The chase through the suburbs results in one truck crashing and exploding in flames. The gunshots and explosions soon attracts the Infected who soon emerge from the ground and attack the people.

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The Clickers come in all shapes and sizes including one of the most terrifying ones so far. The regular-sized Clickers are joined by a Bloater, a gigantic version of the Infected.

The Bloater is possibly the rarest of the Infected because it takes years for one to be created. In the game, it is the most dangerous stage of the Infected because Bloaters are very strong and extremely aggressive towards humans.

It's great to finally see a Bloater in The Last of Us but the series did make one interesting change to the clicker. In the game, Bloaters move slowly due to their bulk. However, the one that goes after Perry is quick on its feet and doesn't waste time in killing Kathleen's right-hand man.

It is also interesting for a Bloater to show up so soon in the series. In the game, Joel and Ellie's first encounter with a Bloater is in the hotel in Pittsburgh.

The Last of Us Episode 5 is now streaming on HBO Max.

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