The Last of Us Episode 8 Preview Pits Ellie Against Dangerous People

Credit: HBO

Credit: HBO

People are still reeling from what went down in the latest episode but HBO is already hyping up The Last of Us Episode 8. After all, the next episode is going to be another action-packed hour as Ellie takes on a group of extremely dangerous people, and that's exactly what we see in the new preview.

The teaser for The Last of Us Episode 8 confirms that Joel and Ellie are still stuck in the abandoned house while Joel recuperates from his wound. However, it looks like someone has already found them. A man tells Ellie that she will not survive alone and offers her the chance to join their group.

It's unclear if Ellie accepts but the man's companion doesn't seem to want her company. He tells the man that she will be just another mouth to feed but the man is insistent on taking Ellie in, even if it is against her own will.

The preview features tense footage from The Last of Us Episode 8 and it's clear that Ellie is on her own in this one. Will she succeed or could this be the end of her partnership with Joel?

But who are these dangerous people that Ellie needs to face? We won't spoil the reason behind the danger but the man who wants Ellie to join the group is David, a former preacher who serves as their leader. He is played by Scott Shepherd. The second man is James, a member of the group who is played by Troy Baker. Baker originally played Joel in the Last of Us games and his arrival in the HBO series is a truly welcome one for fans.

The Last of Us Episode 8 is titled When We Are In Need and is scheduled to premiere on HBO Max on Sunday, March 5, 2023.

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