The Last of Us Episode 4 Magazine Scene Perfectly Captures Joel and Ellie's Game Banter

Everyone is loving The Last of Us Episode 4 but that's not exactly a huge surprise considering that the series has been dropping great episodes every week. As expected, the HBO show has once again diverged from the source material but there is one sequence that is perfectly lifted from the original game. Not surprisingly, fans are loving how the magazine scene played out word-for-word.

In The Last of Us Episode 4, Joel and Ellie continue on their way to Wyoming to find Tommy. After siphoning gas from abandoned cars, the two get into their truck to take a shortcut through Kansas City. With Ellie in the back, she begins rummaging around the backseat and finds an old Hank Williams cassette tape. She also discovers a sleazy men's magazine which she riffles through and then tosses out the window.

It's a hilarious scene on its own but it's also almost exactly the same as a key moment in the original game. The only major difference is that the magazine lands just outside a Pittsburgh sign in the game.

We're loving how The Last of Us managed to keep things true to the game but also introduced a new twist in the storyline. When they get to Kansas City, they are attacked by bandits. Although Joel gets into a fight with one of the bandits, Ellie steps in and shoots the man, paralyzing him and allowing Joel to kill the bandit.

The bandits turn out to be led by Kathleen, who is leading a revolutionary movement similar to the one that is after Henry in the game. Henry and his younger brother Sam even show up in the last moment of The Last of Us Episode 4.

It's great how The Last of Us continues to pay tribute to the original game while also diverging in an acceptable way. Needless to say, we can't wait to see what happens next week.

The Last of Us Episode 4 is now streaming on HBO Max.

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