The King of Pigs Drops Thrilling Highlight Teaser

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Credit: TVING/YouTube Screenshot

The King of Pigs is ready to haunt its viewers with thrilling scenes.

Based on Yeon Sang Ho’s 2011 debut film, The King of Pigs reached TVING and would soon show more detailed scenes starting March 18. The new adaptation will tell the story of people who revisit their experience as victims of violence after mysterious serial killings occurred. The horrifying violence start when they receive a message from a friend they met 20 years ago.

Kim Dong Wook has been cast to play his first TVING role, Hwang Kyung Min, who suffers with the trauma he experienced in school 20 years ago. The series will also feature Kim Sung Kyu, Chae Jung An, Lee Tae Geom, and Lee Ji Ha, among others.

Before its scheduled release on Friday, The King of Pigs shared its highlight teaser that would stir people’s minds even more.

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The King of Pigs’ Highlight Teaser Unveiled

On TVING’s YouTube channel, the network shared an over six-minute teaser that introduced the cast member.

The clip begins with a scene where Hwang Kyung Min shares a meal with his mother and his wife. The monitor turns dark when he sees something that causes him to be in a deep state of shock. He asks his wife what she saw in the garage “that day,” but she refuses to answer him.

Kang Jin Ah then finds a mysterious message from Hwang Kyung Min which he sent to detective Jung Jong Suk. She asks the detective if he knows someone named Hwang Kyung Min, to which he replies he has not seen him since middle school.

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The two detectives begin to track down everyone from their middle school class. Per Jung Jong Suk, there was a total of 33 students in the middle school class as Hwang Kyung Min 20 years ago. A voice in the background asks whether the man is going to kill someone else.

Elsewhere in the clip, Kang Jin Ah tells Jung Jong Suk that something happened to him and Hwang Kyung Min, adding that she and the man were both victims of school violence.

“Do you guys know the difference between dogs and pigs? The majority of dogs are objects of affection. However, pigs are ripped apart and only have value as food for humans. If you’re to win against dogs, you just have to become more human,” a bully says.

The King of Pigs Might Break Original Animation’s Record

By recreating the original animation, the 2022 The King of Pigs might soon bring home awards, too.

For what it’s worth, the 2011 film earned three awards during the 2011 Busan International Film Festival – Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema, Movie Collage, and Directors Award. It became the first Korean animated film to reach the Cannes film festival in 2012.

The new The King of Pigs will be a 12-part series, and it will come on TVING on March 18.

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