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The Killer's Shopping List Episode 8 Recap: Ahn Dae Sung Catches the Murderer + MS Mart Employees Get Happy Ending

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The Killer’s Shopping List episode 8 gave the viewers the complete storyline, which they truly enjoyed.

The Killer's Shopping List is a 2022 South Korean Comedy Thriller series based on the novel of the same name by Kang Ji-young. The K-drama has a total of 8 episodes.

It stars Lee Kwang Soo and AOA’s Seolhyun. The duo, who play the roles of Ahn Dae Sung and Do Ah Hee, respectively, work together to solve the murder cases that begin to happen on the outskirts of Seoul. A supermarket receipt becomes the evidence as the cast members start a hilarious hunt for the suspect.

Here’s what happened in The Killer’s Shopping List’s final episode.

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The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 7 Recap

The Killer’s Shopping List episode 7 finally reveals who the real murderer is.

Oh Cheon Woo gets involved in a fight with Ahn Young Choon inside the MS Mart. After leaving the supermarket, the next scene shows him seemingly getting murdered, as well.

Seo Cheon Kyu talks to Seo Yool after arriving home following his daughter’s encounter with Ahn Dae Sung. When he asks her about her mother’s phone, she says she lost it, causing the father to grab a belt and whip her again.

The MS Mart employees realize that Gong San is also not the killer, and they start to work together to find the killer after beginning to suspect Seo Yool’s father.

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The episode also highlights Han Myung Sook finding out that Seo Yool indeed has blisters and cuts all over her body. She tells the MS Mart employees, including the detective, that they should check on the child’s bruises and blisters as they prove that the violence has already happened before.

However, the detective refuses to help them since someone else is reportedly assigned to a similar case.

The irritated Ahn Dae Sung asks Choi Ji Woong to follow him and go with him to the office of Seo Yool’s father. The duo finds a door behind the tarpaulin and sees all the murder weapons inside.

It also proves that Seo Cheon Kyu has been abusing his daughter for years.

As they talk, they realize that the chairwoman was trying to tell the detective about realty – where Seo Cheon Kyu is working. Seo Yool’s father also approaches Ahn Dae Sung and Choi Ji Woong while they connect the pieces of the cases.

Seo Cheon Kyu stabs Choi Ji Woong’s stomach and locks Ahn Dae Sung inside his office’s secret room. He also calls Seo Yool, telling her to come where he is right alone if she wants to see her mother again.

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 8

The Killer’s Shopping List final episode finally uncovers who the real murderer is – Seo Yool’s father, Seo Cheon Kyu.

Ahn Dae Sung, who was locked inside the realty’s secret door, tries to escape while yelling Choi Ji Woo’s name after the detective got stabbed by Seo Cheon Kyu.

MS Mart employees start to get worried, so Sae Sung calls Do Ah Hee for help. Han Myung Sook then asks Sae Sung to come with her to save the child, but they do not find anyone at home.

After Do Ah Hee realizes that Choi Ji Woong is not in his office, she quickly runs to find him and Ahn Dae Sung. However, she finds him standing beside the detective’s body.

Meanwhile, Kim Doo Hyun continues to observe Oh Cheon Woo, and he does not notice Seo Cheon Kyu and Seo Yool getting inside the apartment unit. He then tries to arrest Ahn Dae Sung after Do Ah Hee calls for backup.

Although Seo Cheon Kyu was the one who stabbed the detective, Ahn Dae Sung says he did it. As Kim Doo Hyun lets him go, they promise to save Seo Yool. Although he will be suspected until they arrest Seo Yool’s father, he decides to still look for the missing child.

Seo Yool then wakes up, opens the refrigerator inside the unit, and finds a Seo Cheon Kyu’s body. It turns out that he killed five-dollar after finding out that he knew that he did everything – from the chairman’s murder to his abusive behavior toward Seo Yool’s mother.

As the detective has not woken up yet to prove Ahn Dae Sung’s innocent, Han Myung Sook’s son decides to hide inside the boxes so he can talk to the MS Mart employees. They assume that Seo Cheon Kyu and Seo Yool do not go anywhere far.

Indeed, the murderer survives by ordering food online and living beside Oh Cheon Woo’s unit.

MS Mart receives a second order from the same unit. This time, Ahn Dae Sung recognizes the 505 in the order, saying it is Seo Yool. MS Mart employees also come with him.

Han Myung Sook and Jung Yook arrive first, making Oh Cheon Kyu panic. Seo Yool locks herself inside one of the rooms and tries to escape through the window. Do Ah Hee tries to save Seo Yool, who is stuck on top of the building’s ACCU.

After saving her, the child still refuses to speak and tell where her father is.

Sae Sung faces Seo Cheon Kyu as the realtor tries to kill him. Meanwhile, Do Ah Hee and Ahn Dae Sung find Oh Cheon Woo and Seo Yool’s mother inside the refrigerator. Meanwhile, Ahn Young Choon finally sees what’s inside the phone and shows it to Kim Doo Hyun to clear Ahn Dae Sung’s name.

Seo Cheon Kyu escapes from the MS Mart employees and the police. But he takes Han Myung Sook and Jung Yook as hostages. Since the murderer only wants Seo Yool, they lure him to the MS Market.

Instead of getting help, Ahn Dae Sung locks himself with Seo Cheon Kyu and takes him down until the police finally arrest him.

In the end, The Killer’s Shopping List shows a happy ending for everyone.

Yachae and Jung Yook meet again and look like they are about to ignite a romantic relationship. Ahn Young Choon, meanwhile, opens the outside store again as the number of customers increases again.

Gong San, who always wanted to become the chairwoman of the area, finally claims the title and helps Ahn Young Choon sell the goods. The former chairwoman, Yang Soon, remains admitted to a hospital and sees her daughter from the US again.

The MS Mart gains customers’ trust once again, and it now boasts photos of Ahn Dae Sung after finally passing the civil service exam. Still, he works at the supermarket and helps everyone inside the store.

Saeng Sun embraces his authentic self and establishes a closer relationship with Alba. Ahn Dae Sung, while stacking the boxes of choco pies, detective Choi Ji Woong appears and apologizes to him for getting him wrong.

They see Seo Yool, who is now in Vietnam, again through video call. Finally, Ahn Dae Sung meets Do Ah Hee’s father again and gets his approval.

The last part of the episode shows MS Mart rebranding the business again. Instead of Myung Sook, it now stands for Mom and Son Mart.

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