IVE An Yu Jin Failed to Enjoy Their 1st Win With Love Dive, K-pop Idol Explains Why

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Credit: SBS KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

IVE An Yujin reflected on the girl group’s first milestone, months after their debut.

In December 2021, Starship Entertainment formally introduced their newest girl group, IVE. The group – which consists of Yujin, Gaeul, Liz, Wonyoung, and Rei – marked their official broadcast debut on KBS2’s Music Bank.

Weeks after dropping their album, it immediately ranked at number nine on the Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales. It also made it to the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. US charts for fourteen weeks.

The same album led them to their first-ever win at MBC’s Show Champion.

While it should have led them to celebrate, An Yujin revealed that she was not able to enjoy the moment at all.

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IVE An Yujin Reveals Why She Was Not That Happy After Scoring 1st Win

An Yujin recently became the face of Marie Claire Magazine and sat for an interview with them following a photoshoot.

On the day of her shoot, IVE successfully brought home first place due to their comeback track, LOVE DIVE. It became their latest recognition after becoming the fastest girl group to achieve their first music show win in December.

IVE set the record by winning just seven days after their debut.

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Still, An Yujin admitted that she was not able to celebrate at that time due to her concerns about the future. Fortunately, her mindset changed in the months after the first win, helping her enjoy the success of LOVE DIVE.

“The first time we won first place, I wasn’t able to enjoy it. I kept worrying about our next steps, thinking, ‘What do we do from now on?’ But starting from when we were preparing for this round of promotions, I gradually began to feel more certain and confident. The more certain I felt, the more I was able to enjoy it,” she said.

LOVE DIVE scored 200 million views for its TikTok challenge. In addition, it drew 28.9 million streams and became part of the Hanteo Chart’s top ten all0time list of the highest girl group weekly album sales.

How IVE Changed Her as a Person

Aside from improving her perspective whenever the girl group wins, An Yujin noted that IVE also helped her improve as a person.

Marie Claire Magazine asked her what she wanted to show the public in their upcoming promotions. Per the idol, a lyric from LOVE DIVE that goes “If you want, dare to dive in” inspired her.

“I can’t say that IVE and I are exactly alike, but maybe because it’s the image that I want to become, as I go about my life as a member of IVE and make music that conveys a message of independence, I find myself changing as well. I also want to keep showing the side of myself in the future that is most like IVE,” she went on.

IVE, through its members, has already achieved so much, and they are expected to bloom more in the next months or years.

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