The Killer's Shopping List Episode 6 Release Date And Time, Preview: Chairwoman Yang Soon Becomes 3rd Victim of a Murder Case

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Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

The Killer’s Shopping Listepisode 6 will show another murder case after the culprit killed the chairwoman in the neighborhood.

The Killer’s Shopping List is a comedy thriller series based on the novel of the same name by Kang Ji Young. It tells the story of a murder case on the outskirts of Seoul. A supermarket receipt becomes the evidence as the cast members start a hilarious hunt for the suspect.

Lee Kwang Soo plays Ahn Dae Sung’s role, a part-time worker at MS Mart who has an excellent memory. His girlfriend, Seolhyun’s Do Ah Hee, works as a police officer. The two characters then join forces to solve the mysterious murder case.

Here’s a recap of what happened in The Killer’s Shopping List episode 5, and what the viewers should expect in episode 6.

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The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 5 Recap

The episode starts with Seo Yool as she runs barefoot on the road in the middle of the night after managing to escape from her kidnapper. The young girl, who is currently the only witness in the first murder case, runs in barefoot as she seeks help from anyone.

Ahn Dae Sung, Do Ah Hee, and Han Myung Sook start to talk about the timing as the culprit suddenly kept Seo Yool on the day they discovered that she could be a witness. Seo Cheon Kyu calls them to let them know that the child is already asleep and thank them for helping him find her.

The episode also highlights how Ahn Dae Sung reconciles with Saeng Sun after suspecting him. They start working together as they now suspect Jung Yook due to his actions toward Yachae, who almost died after someone broke into her home with a knife.

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The Killer’s Shopping List episode 5 also sees the chairwoman, Yang Soon, discovering something shocking inside a huge fridge in one of the unit’s rooms. Someone suddenly holds her and tries to stop her from yelling. At the end of the episode, a new murder case – involving the chairwoman – happens.

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 6 Preview

While delivering goods to apartments, Ahn Dae Sung suddenly notices that something falls from the higher floor. Detective Choi Ji Woong discovers that he is present at Cho Yang Soon’s crime scene again, causing him to suspect Han Myung Sook’s son again.

Gong San seemingly becomes the witness of the newest incident. Meanwhile, Han Myung Sook tasks Saeng Sun to follow Jung Yook if he comes out.

Ahn Dae Sung finds new potential murder weapons, asking Do Ah Hee if their suspect list would change once they add Quick Drain Cleaner and glue guns to the list.

Gong San visits someone in a hospital and asks whether the patient knows what the cleaner is. Ahn Dae Sung then shifts his attention to the female MS Mart employee.

The last part of the preview shows Jung Yook breaking the grills of a unit. An injured Yachae appears with Saeng Sun protecting her.

Jung Yook also points a glue gun at Ahn Dae Sung before a new frame displays a struggling Ahn Dae Sung while being tied inside the MS Mart. The lead character apparently finds out who the culprit is as he says, “It was you” at the end of the clip.

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 6 Release Date and Time

The Killer’s Shopping List episode 6 will be released on May 12, and the K-drama will release its last two episodes next week. Here’s a glance at K-drama’s release dates in other regions:

Central Time: 8:30 AM (May 12)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:30 PM (May 12)

Eastern Time: 9:30 AM (May 12)

Pacific Time: 6:30 AM (May 12)

Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (May 12)


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