The Killer's Shopping List Episode 2: Ahn Dae Sung Finds Potential Murder Weapon + New Crime Occurs

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The Killer’s Shopping List episode 2 shares further details about the people around MS Mart, and how they are potentially related to the murder case.

The Killer’s Shopping List is a comedy thriller series based on the novel of the same name by Kang Ji Young. It tells the story of a murder case on the outskirts of Seoul. A supermarket receipt becomes the evidence as the cast members start a hilarious hunt for the suspect.

Lee Kwang Soo plays Ahn Dae Sung’s role, a part-time worker at MS Mart who has an excellent memory. His girlfriend, Seolhyun’s Do Ah Hee, works as a police officer. The two characters then join forces to solve the mysterious murder case.

In episode 2 of the comedy thriller, Ahn Dae Sung gets involved in the crimes around their neighborhood.

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The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 2 Recap: Ahn Dae Sung Gets Warning Not To Get Involved in Police Probe

Police start the investigation into what led to the death of the woman Ahn Dae Sung and Nun-Chucks grandpa (the old man in The Killer’s Shopping List) found. During the questioning with an investigator, Ahn Dae Sung gives him all the details that he knows about the 24-year-old kindergarten teacher.

He reveals that the woman lives alone and that she is suffering from depression. He even gives the investigator the victim’s number, making him look more suspicious.

Due to his wide knowledge of the victim, the investigator starts to think that he may have something to do with the murder. Fortunately, police officer Kim Doo Hyun somehow takes the suspicion away by saying that Ahn Dae Sung is the son of MS Mart’s owner. Thus, he knows about people in the neighborhood.

MS Mart employee Gong San then delivers the news to MS Mart, asking Ahn Dae Sung’s mother why she does not know about it when her son was the first person to see the lifeless woman. Although Jung Myung Sook made it clear to Ahn Dae Sung that the police would take everything from there, he still gets himself involved in the case.

Seo Yool, the young girl who gave Ahn Dae Sung the slipper that the murder victim seemingly owns, tells him that she found it the day before she gave the slipper to him. According to her, she got it in the church garden in front of the Virgin Mary.

Aside from the case-related information he gets from the little girl, Ahn Dae Sung also finds out that Do Ah Hee went to a matchmaking agency to date other men.

After going to the event place, Ahn Dae Sung passes by the garden Seo Yool mentioned to him. He then finds the same pills he saw at the crime scene and a pair of stockings.

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Meanwhile, the investigator starts their probe inside the murder victim’s home, spotting a plastic bag from MS Mart.

Lee Kyung A, an MS Mart regular who has been receiving items from the store, also looks anxious as she tries to know who has been ringing her unit’s doorbell. The character eventually barges into the MS Mart with several bags containing different items.

Jung Myung Sook explains that MS Mart does not do deliveries under $30. After seeing the woman, Ahn Dae Sung gets curious again and starts blabbering things about the woman that make him suspicious about the new case.

His mother, looking irritated, tells him to stop and keep himself from Lee Kyung A’s case since MS Mart does not have anything to do with it. With the help of his friend and MS Mart employee Jung Wook, they try to find who bought the items and left them in front of the woman’s house.

However, they get a long list of customers in the end.

Meanwhile, Ms. Chairwoman visits MS Mart Ahn Dae Sung eventually thinks that the stockings he found in the church garden might be the murder weapon. He tests the pairs of stockings in the store and assumes that the murderer used them to strangle the victim.

Since Do Ah Hee is not responding to his calls and texts, he decides to call the police station and report it while using a helium balloon to change his voice.

The Killer’s Shopping List episode 2 briefly explains the real reason why Ahn Dae Sung could not pass his civil service exam despite his excellent memory skills. It turns out that an incident that happened inside the then-Dae Sung Mart “changed him.”

Police officer Kim Doo Hyun also saw what happened that day but concealed the blood inside the market by pouring a tomato sauce. His friend also thinks that Ahn Dae Sung “lost a screw” years ago.

Near the end of the episode, Ahn Dae Sung finds that the pills he found in the church garden and the crime scene came from the Bubble Gun only MS Mart sells.

Jung Myung Sook starts working as a delivery woman while MS Mart’s sales continue to go down. Before going down the apartment building, she decides to drop by Lee Kyung A’s unit, but a man suddenly starts approaching the unit.

She pins him down to defend herself and questions why he visits a woman’s unit at night. The man then introduces himself as staff from Geumsang Realty, and that the landlord only asked him to go to the unit.

Both Jung Myung Sook and the man enter the unit, and they see a lifeless woman in a bath of her own blood.

The Killer’s Shopping List Episode 3 Release Date and Time

After the two consecutive thrilling episodes, The Killer’s Shopping List episode 3 will be dropped on May 4. Here’s a glance at K-drama’s release dates in other regions:

Central Time: 8:30 AM (May 4)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:30 PM (May 4)

Eastern Time: 9:30 AM (May 4)

Pacific Time: 6:30 AM (May 4)

Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (May 4)


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