The K-Pop Girl and Boy Groups Who are Vying for the Rookie of the Year Award: Who Will Likely Win?

Credit: it's Live/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: it's Live/YouTube Screenshot

A number of boy and girl groups have been introduced so far this year and they’re all vying for the Rookie of the Year award. But as no one can’t deny that they’re all good at what they do, experiencing immediate success after their launch, who may win the year-end award shows?

This year sees the boom of girl groups. The likes of IVE, Kep1er, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, Billie and VIVIZ have instantly made an impact in the K-pop world, thanks to their incredible visuals, great talents and good music. So, who among them may win the Rookie of the Year award?

Newly-Introduced K-Pop Girl Groups

According to AllKpop, the newly-introduced girl groups have already achieved great digital and album sales and are probably nominated for the said award.

Many believe IVE and NewJeans are the most likely to win the award, considering how they dominate the domestic and international music charts and the digital and physical album sales.

After debuting in December 2021, IVE quickly rose to fame with their singles “Eleven” and “Love Dive.” The latter song also had the most music show wins compared to other K-pop acts and the most streamed by a K-pop girl group on Spotify this year.

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Alternatively, IVE will make their comeback this year with “After Like.”

Elsewhere, Kep1er debuted in January with the hit track “WA DA DA,” which helped quickly establish themselves that made them a stronger contender for the Rookie of the Year award. They recently made their comeback with the song “Up!”

NMIXX debuted in February with the pop-rock song “O.O,” piquing the public’s interest. They’re also praised for their live vocals and dance skills.

Of course, there’s HYBE’s LE SSERAFIM, who debuted in May with the pop song “Fearless.” Their debut album was the first LP by a girl group to have more than 300,000 copies sold in its just first week in history.

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NewJeans surprisingly broke several records after their debut. Their song, “Attention,” was the first debut track by a girl group to nab the real-time all-kill on major domestic music charts six years after BLACKPINK. It was also the best-selling debut album in Hanteo history.

Billie’s unique concept made them viral, quickly getting everyone’s attention. Their song, “Patbingsu,” also helps their popularity grow.

Lastly, VIVIZ’s first mini-album, Beam of Prism, was the first 2022 album by a K-pop girl group to top the worldwide iTunes album chart after they debuted in February. They’re set to make a comeback with the single “Loveade.”

The New K-Pop Male Groups

Alternatively, choosing the best rookie male group may be hard.

Dozens of male idol groups were introduced this year, but only a few stood out.

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In fact, one fan said, via AllKpop,

"There isn't really a male idol group that caused a sensation that deserves the Rookie of the Year award. So this time, I think they should get rid of separating the male rookie and female rookie awards. There are girl groups that definitely deserve it."

The male groups who debuted from January to July were TRENDZ, KAILAS, JWiiver, BLACK LEVEL, TEMPEST, TAN, NINE.i, YOUNITE, TNX, BLANK2Y, SUPERKIND and ATBO.

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