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The Haunting of Hill House Spinoff: Why Theo is the Perfect Subject for a Sequel?

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It has been over four years since Netflix dropped The Haunting of Hill House, but Mike Flanagan has yet to make a follow-up story about the Crain family. Though the anthology tells different stories every season, McKenna Grace, who played the child Theo, wants to see a spinoff about her character.

Played by Kate Siegel as an adult and Grace in flashbacks, The Haunting of Hill House has left several unanswered questions about Theo. So, will a new show explore the life and abilities of the mysterious middle child of the Crain family?

The Story of Theo

Theo grew up as a child psychologist. She was born with psychic abilities inherited from her mom, Olivia (Carla Gugino).

She usually wears gloves to prevent others' emotions from interfering with her life. Many become interested in her story, and one of them is its young star herself, Grace.

In an interview with ScreenRant, the A Friend of the Family star was asked if she was still interested in reprising her roles in Haunting of Hill House, Conjuring Universe, and Malignant.

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Sure, she's open to playing her roles for these series again, but she's more interested in starring in a Theo spinoff. She even shared the idea with Siegel herself.

"I loved all of those. It was very cool to play Madison, and playing young Theo was magic. I literally just saw an article that said that Theo should have her own spinoff series, and I sent it to Miss Kate, who played older Theo, and I was like, 'Let's do it!'" she said. "I would love to work with Mr. Mike Flanagan again. I just saw him recently, I thought that he's brilliant, and I loved doing that show. So I feel like I'd love to revisit the field."

But of course, she's also open to playing her other signature characters.

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"Judy was so much fun, it's The Conjuring and Annabelle, so if they'd have me back, I would be ecstatic," she continued.

The Need to Explore Theo's Powers

Fans saw Theo's powers in The Haunting of Hill House Episode 3, Touch. It gave a glimpse of her troubled childhood, how she discovered her powers, and how it took its toll on her adulthood.

Since she was a child, she already had a gift of sensitivity, which her mom and grandmom also had. She could feel anyone's emotions and feelings through touch; thus, she always wore gloves.

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However, instead of humans, her sensitivity can sense the supernatural, ghostly presence throughout the Hill House.

So, if there will ever be a Theo spinoff, it may explore how her power can help in haunting cases, like Lorrain Warren in The Conjuring movie series.

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