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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6 Spoilers, Cast News, Release Date, Predictions & Everything We Know So Far

Credit: ABC

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6 will see Shaun (Freddie Highmore) making a life or death decision. Unfortunately, fans of the hit ABC medical drama need to wait much longer before the newest installment airs.

Here’s everything we know so far about The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6.

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What Is The Plot For The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6?

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Credit: ABC

ABC did not release the official synopsis for The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6 titled One Heart yet. But the network already shared a first look at the upcoming installment.

The 29-second teaser opens with Alex Park (Will Yun Lee) talking to Shaun on the phone and informing him about a new patient that’s severely injured.

In the next scene, Park talks to a young patient who’s in need of a heart.

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The third scene shows Shaun tending to his patient who is fighting for his life. Park asks Shaun if his patient is an organ donor, and the latter says that the answer to his question is not relevant because he won’t let his patient die.

Another scene shows Park talking to Shaun as a friend. He tells the lead character that his young female patient is getting weaker and weaker by the minute. And the only way for her to survive is if she gets a heart transplant.

Park drops a bomb by revealing that Shaun’s heavily-injured patient died. He also tells Shaun that he should let the female patient live. However, Shaun still needs a bit more convincing.

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It’s unclear if Shaun will give in to Park’s request or if he would allow the young girl to also die just like his patient.

When Will The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6 Air?

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Credit: ABC

Sad news for The Good Doctor Season 5 fans because Episode 6 won’t air next Monday. The medical drama is on a two-week hiatus, which means that the upcoming installment will be released on Nov. 15.

Unlike other shows on ABC, The Good Doctor Season 5 didn’t go on a two-week hiatus last month. But this is simply because the show’s break is scheduled for November.

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Will Osvaldo Benavides’ Dr. Mateo Return To The Good Doctor Season 5?

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Credit: ABC/YouTube

Osvaldo Benavides was last seen in The Good Doctor Season 5 two weeks ago. It is unclear why the actor, who is one of the newest cast members, decided to leave the series.

As of late, ABC and the creators of The Good Doctor Season 5 have not explained Benavides’ removal from the series. But they did a pretty good job writing him out of the show.

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In The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 5 titled Crazytown, Lim (Christina Chang) informed Salen (Rachel Bay Jones) that Mateo went on a medical mission in Guatemala.

Lim initially claimed that Mateo was going to return to San Jose in a couple of days, but he never did.

While Mateo was away on his mission, he decided to bring his ex-girlfriend, Rosa to California to get checked. Rosa is uninsured but Mateo wanted her to receive the best care from Lim. Rosa then explained to Lim why her relationship with Mateo failed.

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“He moves fast when he knows what he wants. We were practically living together by our third date. Six months, maybe less. But then there was a war in the Congo or an earthquake in Chile… Someone somewhere needed him. But I am glad he’s found a place to settle down. I wasn’t sure that was ever going to happen for him,” Rosa said.

The revelation led Lim to the realization that Mateo will no longer return to the hospital.

After much discussion regarding Rosa’s surgery, Lim decided to push through with the procedure. The latter later learned that Mateo reached out to Rosa but not to her.

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Rosa assured Lim that Mateo will be back. But the surgeon couldn’t help but wonder how the exes’ relationship ended.

“He would go on medical missions all the time. Sometimes with no notice. I would wake up and find a little gift — like a book or a bottle of wine — and a sweet note. After a few days, or weeks, he would come back and everything would be good. And then one time he didn’t [come back]. I waited for a long time. Too long,” Rosa said.

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Toward the end of The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 5, Lim mustered up the courage to leave Mateo a voicemail. She told him that if he’s planning to return to the hospital for her, he should no longer push through with it.

Mateo and Lim’s storyline ended abruptly, but it also opened possibilities for the actor’s future return. Since Mateo wasn’t killed off, he could later make a cameo and explain to Lim what really happened.

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What’s In Store For Shaun, Lea In The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6?

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Credit: ABC

Shaun and his fiancée Lea’s (Paige Spara) relationship could also be in danger in The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6.

In the previous episode, Lea omitted some of the negative feedback that Shaun got from his patients because the latter had been obsessing about them.

Lea was just worried about Shaun because she didn’t want him to be stressed. But what she did convinced Shaun that his patient feedback scores improved.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 5 ended with Shaun still not having any idea about what Lea did. But it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out, and it will most likely affect the couple’s relationship.

Where To Watch The Good Doctor Season 5 Episodes 1 To 5?

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Credit: Hulu

While waiting for The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 6 to air on ABC on Nov. 15, you can rewatch the first five installments from the medical drama on Hulu.

All the new episodes are streamed on the platform one day after they air on television.

Check back for more updates, spoilers, and predictions from The Good Doctor Season 5 here at EpicStream!

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