The Good Bad Mother: Is Young Soon Sick?

Lee Do Hyun as Choi Kang Ho, Ra Mi Ran as Jin Young Soon in The Good Bad Mother
Credit: Netflix

Lee Do Hyun as Choi Kang Ho, Ra Mi Ran as Jin Young Soon in The Good Bad Mother
Credit: Netflix

When The Good Bad Mother was first being promoted on Netflix, it came with a warning that it was a heartfelt drama between a mother and her son. And true enough, we find ourselves bawling our eyes out week after week with every newly-released episode.

This week, we not only learned the reason behind Mi Joo (played by Ahn Eun Jin) and Kang Ho's (played by Lee Do Hyun) breakup. More importantly, we learned that Jin Young Soon (played by Ra Mi Ran) has actually been keeping her health issues a secret from her son and her friends.

Is Young Soon sick and how sick is she? Here's what we know.

Warning, this article contains massive spoilers so do not watch if you haven't seen Episode 6 yet.

Is Young Soon Sick?

Ra Mi Ran as Jin Young Soon in The Good Bad Mother
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Credit: Netflix

For a while now, we've known that Young Soon has been going to her neighbor, Son Yong Rak (played by Kim Won Hae) to ask for medicine for some mystery ailment. We know this because in one of the recent episodes, Mr. Son's wife, the mystery woman who always has a face mask on (played by Park Bo Kyung), tactlessly tells Young Soon that she has emptied out their medicine cabinet.

Young Soon apologizes for this and replenishes their supply the next time she heads into town.

Also, while Kang Ho exercises in the rehab facility, Young Soon exits and makes her way to see a doctor. She later returns and gets a proper endoscopy exam.

Her condition later progresses due to some stress in the farm and the new neighbor who plans to start a petition to complain about her pigsty.

Ra Mi Ran as Jin Young Soon in The Good Bad Mother
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Credit: Netflix

After helping one of her pigs give birth, Young Soon sees two mysterious men lurking in her farm looking for some manure. The two turn out to be Soon Woo Byeok's (played by Choi Moo Sung) who were looking for something and also protect Kang Ho against Oh Tae Soo's (played by Jung Woong In) hired assassin.

One of the men, Mr. Cha (played by Park Cheon) make up a story about needing manure for their farm. Young Soon promises that she will help them out soon.

Unfortunately, she faints and the two men rush to her aid. They bring her to the hospital and leave her there to be attended to by the nurses.

When Young Soon regains consciousness, her nurse tells her she needs to see her doctor. Meanwhile, Kang Ho calls his mom to find out where she is.

The nurse answers and tells him his mother is at the hospital.

Sadly, Young Soon's doctor tells her the official diagnosis from the test. It turns out that Young Soon has stage 4 stomach cancer.

Young Soon is denial at this point and tries to convince her doctor that she only has indigestion. She asks her doctor if there was a mistake with her test.

Finally, she cries and tells her doctor that she has a son who needs her.

As she leaves her doctor's office, she meets Kang Ho in the hallway. As Kang Ho rushes to his mom, he falls down from his wheelchair.

Young Soon tries to help him up but realizes she needs to be a bad mom once again so she can push Kang Ho to be independent. She knows that her condition is serious and the inevitable will happen soon.

By pushing her son, she can be sure that he can tend to his needs when she is no longer by his side.

Does Kang Ho Know Young Soon’s Sickness?

Lee Do Hyun as Choi Kang Ho in The Good Bad Mother
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Credit: Netflix

At this point, we do not know yet whether Kang Ho already knows his mother's sickness since Young Soon only found out about it.

In the trailer for Episode 7, however, we see Young Soon doing her best to teach Kang Ho how to live by himself. We also see some of Young Soon's friends and neighbors feeling sorry for the mother-and-son.

Hopefully, Young Soon will have enough time left until Kang Ho regains his lost memories.

We'll know more when Episode 7 gets released. In the meantime, here is a sweet and funny moment between Young Soon and Kang Ho:

The Good Bad Mother is currently streaming on Netflix. Two new episodes are available every week.

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