Ahn Eun Jin Net Worth: Did She Earn Millions After Joining Hospital Playlist?

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Credit: The swoon / YouTube screenshot

Yuljems, also known as die-hard viewers of the hit medical series, Hospital Playlist, will surely agree that aside from the main characters a.k.a 99ers, Ahn Eun Jin is one of the favorites.

The 31-year-old beauty took on the role of OB-Gyn resident Chu Min Ha. Her adorable and quirky personality mesmerized not just the viewers but also her superior Yang Suk Hyung, played by Kim Dae Myung.

Viewers loved their budding romance, especially how Chu Min Ha and Yang Suk Hyung’s personalities were totally different.

For two seasons, Ahn Eun Jin made millions of Yuljems’ hearts flutter with her antics as Yulje’s resident doctor.

Ahn Eun Jin Admits Having Trouble Bidding Goodbye to Hospital Playlist

While fans look forward to the third season of the tvN’s medical Kdrmaa, the cast members had a remarkable farewell to viewers through a heartfelt Hospital Playlist 2 season finale.

During Ahn Eun Jin’s interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, she dishes out her honest thoughts about the Kdrama’s ending.

As obtained by Soompi, the actress admitted that she had a hard time and it took a while to accept that the series has reached its ending.

Whenever I was having a hard time, I’d call them whining and say, ‘I’m so sad today. What do I do?’ and now all this time has passed already” she shared.

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Ahn Eun Jin's Net Worth

While viewers fell in love with her role as Chu Min Ha in Hospital Playlist, the tvN medical Kdrama is considered her claim to fame.

Although she starred in a slew of Kdramas like The Crowned Clown, My Fellow Citizens!, Diary of a Prosecutor, and Netflix’s Kingdom as the royal guard’s wife, it was the Hospital Playlist where she gained massive popularity.

According to a report, Ahn Eun Jin’s net worth this 2022 is around 1.5 million USD.

While she earns big bucks through her role as an actress, it is safe to say that the medical series helped her score endorsement deals because of the series’ popularity among viewers.

Besides her on-screen projects, she is also the face of beauty brand AC Well and did commercials for wellness and household brands.

Interestingly, Ahn Eun Jin’s net worth is set to increase as the actress is set to headline a forthcoming series Goodbye Earth with Yoo Ah In, Jeon Sung Woo and Kim Yoon Hye.

It is a thriller sci-fi series set to be released on Netflix.

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