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The Glory Episode 6 Recap: Moon Dong Eun Finds New Ally in Her Revenge Plan

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Song Hye Kyo’s Netflix Kdrama The Glory released its first eight episodes on the platform.

The Glory Kdrama explores the life of a former school violence victim who starts seeking revenge on her bullies. She studies to become a homeroom teacher until she starts her work as a homeroom adviser to one of the school bullies’ child.

Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun lead the drama. Other cast members include Lim Ji Yeon, Shin Ye Eun, Yeom Hye Ran, Park Sung Hoon, Song Byeong Geun, Jung Sung Il, Cha Joo Young, Kim Hi-Eora, Bae Kang Hee, Kim Gun Woo, and Seo Woo Hyuk.

Here’s what happened in The Glory episode 6.

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The Glory Kdrama Episode 6 Recap

Joo Yeo Jeong still thinks of what Moon Dong Eun told him about not wanting a prince. He meets his mother, Park Sang Im, and hands her a letter of resignation as he plans to relocate to Semyeong because of Moon Dong Eun.

Park Yeon Jin visits a shaman, and her mother finally learns about Ye Sol’s new homeroom teacher.

Teacher Chuu, who has always been curious about Moon Dong Eun, confronts her about her relationship. But he tastes his own medicine after trying to criticize her.

Kang Hyeong Nam delivers another shocking update about Song Myeong O. Although they have already gotten close, Moon Dong Eun draws the line between them to ensure that her plans will not be affected.

When Jeon Jae Jun comes back home, he notices that his dog has been acting weird. He realizes that Son Myeong O dropped by his place. Meanwhile, Park Yeon Jin remains anxious that a school violence report might be posted online.

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Moon Dong Eun checks on Son Myeong Eun’s whereabouts as he fails to board his one-way flight and check in to the hotel he booked. Someone has been tailing her and Kang Hyeong Nam. However, she now suspects her after discovering that she is following her.

Jeon Jae Jun tells Choi Hye Jeong that he has been thinking about whether Ye Sol is her daughter. The fact that the child is also color blind gives the viewers the biggest hint. She eventually receives a positive paternity test result.

Ha Do Yeong goes to Jeon Jae Jun to ask him about Son Myeong O, but he notices he smokes like Park Yeon Jin.

Something triggers Moon Dong Eun’s trauma before meeting Joo Yeo Jeong. She finally decides to open up to him and tell him what happened to her in the past.

All the perpetrators receive express delivery; Son Myeong O, meanwhile, lies on the floor while a person wearing similar heels that Park Yeon Jin and Choi Hye Jeong have run from his body.

At the end of the episode, Moon Dong Eun shows Joo Yeo Jeong his scars and tells him to go back to where he should be. But after seeing her, he declares himself as her headsman.

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