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NewJeans Sparks New Controversy With OMG MV Following Cookie Issue

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

NewJeans is receiving mixed reactions from fans following the release of the OMG music video.

To welcome the new year, NewJeans released its new single album OMG on Jan. 2. The music project immediately entered several Korean music streaming sites’ top songs list, including Genie, Melon, and Bugs.

Hanteo Chart also confirmed that the girl group sold nearly half a million copies on the first day of album sales.

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NewJeans Sparks New Issue With OMG Music Video

NewJeans turned people’s heads with the release of its Ditto and OMG from its new album OMG.

On Monday, the rookie girl group dominated the trending list again after its new song reached No. 1 on nine countries’ iTunes Top Song chart.

“Following the previous work, this track also focuses on the narrative of relationship,” ADOR, HYBE’s subsidiary, said, according to Korea Herald. “It deals with the strange sense of distance, caution and unfamiliarity that coexist while wanting to get close to each other.”

However, its music video received divided opinions as some fans believe it targeted those who stirred controversy in NewJeans’ Cookie.

The video shows NewJeans members wearing patient gowns while they are at a psychiatric ward. All of them seem to be in the middle of a group therapy session.

Hanni introduces herself as Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri. Meanwhile, Danielle says they are the popular group, NewJeans. Other members follow and say they are a doctor, Cinderella, Snow White, the Little Match Girl, and a cat.

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While the music video looks perfect already, its bonus clip turns people’s heads due to its intriguing message.

“Am I the only one feeling uncomfortable with the material of the music video? Idol music videos would do good just by showing their faces and choreography,” the person types in a tweet after the credit.

NewJeans member Minji reappears wearing a doctor’s gown and asks the “patient” to come with her.

According to the news outlet, fans think it targets NewJeans’ fans who created false interpretations of its previous song, Cookie. Others slammed the group and accused it of portraying anti-fans as psychiatric patients.

The new theories emerged after NewJeans’ Cookie became the center of attention due to its sexual nuance in American English. Per Urban Dictionary, the term can refer to the female private part.

Its lyrics also contain overtly sexualized words, which were reportedly inappropriate even more because of the members’ ages (14 to 18). But ADOR released a statement saying that the slang is unfamiliar to everyone.

“The ADOR team didn’t take any issue with the lyrics to ‘Cookie’ when we were making the album because our vision for original and wholesome music was crystal clear to us,” it said.

The agency also said it consulted English-language professors regarding the controversy, and they said that it was not a “commonplace interpretation” of the word.

It also dismissed the claims that the track was written by a man. Instead, two native English speakers, a 30-year-old Korean woman and a Swedish woman, created the song.

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