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ASTRO Members Moonbin, Sanha Refuse to Answer Reporter’s Question About Members’ Contract Renewals

Credit: FANTAGIO/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO members Moonbin and Sanha did not share further details about their contract renewals.

Moonbin and Sanha held its showcase performance for the subunit’s third EP, Incense, on Wednesday at the Yes24 Live Hall. The duo released the new EP eight months after they dropped their second project, Refuge.

Their appearance happened a few days after their agency, Fantagio, revealed that most of the members had already renewed their contracts.

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Moonbin, Sanha Did Not Answer Query About ASTRO’s Contracts

On Dec. 30, Fantagio released an official statement revealing that four members — Moonbin, Sanha, Jinjin, and Cha Eun Woo — renewed their contracts with the company. Meanwhile, MJ’s status will be updated after the idol completes his mandatory military service.

Meanwhile, it is reportedly still discussing different matters with Rocky, who is yet to renew his contract.

“Fantagio intends on supporting the four members to the fullest so that each can promote actively in various fields, so please continue to send your abundant cheers and encouragements,” Fantagio said.

During the press showcase in Seoul, one reporter asked Moonbin and Sanha about their contracts and why they chose to renew them. According to Korea JoongAng Daily, the two remained silent after the question was asked, leading MC Park Seul Gi to speak instead.

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The MC said that the agency would share the information about it instead. Although Moonbin and Sanha did not respond to it, they still talked about the members when they discussed their comeback’s title track, Madness.

"When we had the members listen to our album, they said that it was really good, and that our choreography also came out really great. They also told us to take care of our bodies, since we are promoting during the winter when it's coldest. They worry about us just like family,” Moonbin said.

ASTRO debuted in 2016 under Fantagio through their EP, Spring Up. They shared more studio albums and EPs in the past years, including All Light, All Yours, Drive to the Starry Road, Summer Vibes, Autumn Story, Dream Part.01, Rise Up, and Switch On, to name a few.

ASTRO’s Rocky Accused of Being Insincere in Recent Group Activities

In one of ASTRO’s V Live, only the four members of ASTRO were “present” as Rocky left after saying he was tired. He reportedly refused to join the members during sightseeing, as well.

Rocky also sparked issues when he said that he felt the happiest when he wrote his solo song while his co-members chose memories they had together. The idol’s S#1 is believed to be written by his girlfriend, actress Park Bo Yeon.

Fantagio confirmed his relationship with the actress in October, saying they met in the web drama Find Me If You Can.

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