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DCU Fans Apologize to James Gunn As They Rejoice Over Recently Unveiled DC Chapter 1 Slate

What a time to be alive if you are a DC Studios fan! The comic world has just witnessed a new universe in the making as co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have finally announced Chapter 1 of their new DCU that's about to kick off in 2025. Given the doubts the fans have had for the duo in the past, following their questionable decisions, such as firing Henry Cavill as Superman, DC diehards have apologized and praised Gunn for delivering what they wanted and more in his plans for the franchise.

See fans’ reactions below:

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The bombshell announcement by the studios has sent the fans at their mercy, as the first chapter, dubbed Gods & Monsters, containing the upcoming roster of DC film and television projects is as exciting as a thing can get. The full slate includes Booster Gold, Swamp Thing, Paradise Lost, The Authority, Lanterns, Waller, and Superman: Legacy. Creature Commandos, The Brave and the Bold, and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

Speaking with, Gunn explained what made their DCU different. “Even though this is all a connected universe, it’s really important to me that the individual writers and directors on the projects give their own self-expression to it, just like they do in the comics. Everything doesn’t always look the same. Everything doesn’t always have the same expression. Different artists bring remarkably different looks, feels and tones. This is not the Gunnverse.”

He continued, “I want each project to have the feelings of the individual artist that’s working on it and to give them a lot of freedom—as long as it works—to create something special because what I’ve found through Marvel, what wasn’t exciting was when movies were tonally the same. What was exciting was when you had something like Guardians come out and everyone was like, “How is this raccoon going to be dealing with this God of Thunder? That’s going to be weird.”

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In the same interview, Gunn also revealed that Matt Reeves’ Batman films will continue, and the future of Jason Momoa as Aquaman will be unveiled after Aquaman 2, but one thing is certain: the actor will not play Lobo.

As the Peacemaker creator captioned his announcement video, the only way to go from here is up. This is just the beginning of DC Studios' future takeover; for now, fans should savor this information as they have waited so long for this moment.

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