The Flash Director Teases Michael Keaton's Potential Batman Look in the Film

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

DC fans have long been dreaming about seeing Michael Keaton return as Batman but the idea, although sounds so good on paper seems too intangible. However, in a stunning turn of events, Ezra Miller's upcoming The Flash film will be bringing back Keaton's fan-favorite version of the caped crusader, and apparently, he'll play a major role in the film which draws inspiration from the now-iconic Flashpoint storyline.

The film, set in the DC multiverse will also mark the return of Ben Affleck as Batman but the real question on everyone's mind is, will Keaton actually make an appearance as the Dark Knight and fight side-by-side with Barry Allen or is he just going to return as a retired version of Bruce Wayne? Director Andy Muschietti may have just answered that question and it's looking like Keaton will actually be donning his old Batman suit.

Taking to Instagram, Muschietti teased the costume the acclaimed actor could potentially wear in The Flash. If you'll look closely, you'll notice that the suit he posted is none other than Bruce's gear from Batman Returns which I gotta say is a nice touch considering Keaton's reign as Batman ended after the divisive 1992 film. Check it out here:

Keaton's return to the role that pretty much made him a superhero icon is a huge victory for the entire comic book community. So far, The Flash is looking tremendously promising and I hope that the people involved in the project will be able to put together something truly special because let's be honest, it already has the makings of a comic book film masterpiece.

The Flash is hitting cinemas in 2022.

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