DC's The Flash Director is Set to Direct Attack on Titan Live-Action Film

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Attack on Titan chapter 139 has been released and the anime is set to end early next year with season 4 part 2. Many fans are happy to see the end to an amazing era of the series, but the manga and the anime are not the only ones set for the series.

Currently, there are plans for a live-action adaptation of the series. The film will be directed by DC's The Flash director Andy Muschietti. The director is also the one who directed the adaptation of Stephen King's It.

The series already got two live-action movies in Japan. Muschietti's movie would be the first attempt of Hollywood to adapt Attack on Titan. Muschietti's live-action version of the film hasn't been fully divulged.

Attack on Titan live-action Colossal Titan
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Credit: Toho Pictures

Muschietti revealed that he is fascinated with the series. He said that he first saw the anime before diving into the manga. He sees it as a fascinating horror adventure with various elements of human drama involved in it.


Kodansha working with Warner Bros for the adaptation for the Attack on Titan adaptation. Hajime Isayama, the creator of the series, commented in 2018, revealing that many years have passed since the initial negotiations have started and it has finally happened.

Adapting a beloved anime into a live-action film has always been tricky. Hopefully, Muschietti will be able to bring the highly popular anime to life and maintain the same adoration that fans have for anime and manga.

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