The Flash Director Confirms Tom Cruise's Support for the Movie

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Leading up to its release this week, The Flash has been receiving a lot of positive buzz from industry insiders as some key figures around Hollywood have been singing praises for the film such as Stephen King and director Edgar Wright.

However, months prior, we also learned that Tom Cruise also became a fan of the film after watching it through his own private advanced screening. While he has not publicly acknowledged this claim, it is still a strong endorsement nevertheless especially coming from the biggest movie star in the world.

Andy Muschietti Confirms Tom Cruise's Love for The Flash

The Flash
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In an interview with GamesRadar+, director Andy Muschietti was asked whether he and his sister and producer Barbara Muschietti feel any pressure after hearing an enthusiastic endorsement from Cruise and King.

He explained that their praises made them more confident about the film which was already finished during the time when they screened it to them.

"No. If anything, [we got] more confidence in the thing that we did, because the movie was finished by the time that [Cruise and King] saw it, so it was a confidence boost if anything," he said.

Barbara supported her brother's response and confirmed that Cruise contacted Muschietti after seeing the film to sing his praise for the film, which was also reported when word came about the actor's support months ago.

"It's a very cynical industry, and to hear people that really have no skin in the game, because they have nothing to gain, just say something that lovely," she added.

"In the case of Tom Cruise, he called us, talked for 15 minutes, praising Andy, praising the film, and it just feels very good because we really work very hard to make these movies."

The Flash
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Credit: Warner Bros.

It is really interesting to learn that Cruise was very supportive of the film which is obviously an encouraging sign about its quality and it sounds like Muschietti and his team nailed the formula for a crowd-pleasing blockbuster that would attract acclaimed artists in the industry.

With Ezra Miller's absence in the marketing campaign, the film has to rely on word-of-mouth to let people know about it, and having the endorsements of the likes of Cruise and King is definitely helpful to make the public encourage to see it.

Now, let's wait and see whether these endorsements will have an effect on the public and whether the box office will reach the heights of Cruise's recent blockbusters.

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The Flash is set to arrive in theaters this Friday. You can check more details about it here.

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