The Flash: Ben Affleck's Batman Role May Have Been Reduced

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

When it was formally announced several years back that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in the DC Extended Universe, the fan reception was mostly negative and understandably so. For starters, his previous superhero role Daredevil failed to click with moviegoers, comic book aficionados, and critics, and considering his age during the time of the announcement, a lot of people deemed Affleck to be "too old" to play the iconic caped crusader.

Obviously, that changed after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out and while the film garnered mixed reactions from everyone who saw it, it can't be denied that Affleck's performance as both Bruce Wayne and Batman turned a lot of heads. Unfortunately, his days in the franchise were cut short and in 2019, Affleck exited the franchise and dropped his supposed The Batman project with Matt Reeves.

Affleck would later stun fans when it was confirmed that he'll be appearing in Ezra Miller's The Flash but turns out, his role could be smaller than expected. According to tipster KC Walsh, Affleck only filmed for a week and it would be safe to assume that his role may have been reduced to just an extended cameo.

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If the latest rumors are true, it would be a damn shame not to see Affleck play a more substantial role in the film. However, it makes sense for Ben to only appear in a few scenes in the film because the Flashpoint storyline only featured Bruce Wayne as a minor character. Obviously, the spotlight will be on Michael Keaton's version of the Dark Knight who will play a role similar to that of Thomas Wayne.

The Flash is slated for release in November 2022.

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Credit: WB