The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's Sebastian Stan Says Anthony Mackie has a Better Ass Than Chris Evans

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There is little doubt that Steve Rogers is established as America's Ass, thanks to Avengers: Endgame. However, Sebastian Stan says there's another Marvel Cinematic Universe character who should be labelled as America's Ass. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier star just pointed out that his co-star Anthony Mackie could easily defeat Chris Evans in that aspect.

In Endgame, Scott Lang pointed out that Steve has America's Ass. After defeating the past version of himself, Steve agrees.

But can Stan be the next America's Ass now that Evans has retired from the MCU? Interestingly, the Bucky Barnes actor told Rotten Tomatoes TV thinks that Mackie would be the best candidate.

"I have to say I have skipped one too many leg days in my time to be able to keep up with the thighs of oak that are sitting out there in New Orleans," Stan said of Mackie. "And I got to tell you those squats, they keep things high and tight. Count me out."

Stan continued by pointing out Mackie has an even better ass than Captain America himself. "Evans, he might have those biceps but he ain't got nothing down there either," he said.

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We're not exactly surprised that Stan is praising his series co-star. After all, Mackie is packing some impressive cake. Needless to say, the next Captain America (not John Walker) is definitely worthy of the title America's Ass as well.

You can see more of Mackie and his note-worthy booty in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. A new episode will premiere on Disney+ on April 2.

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