The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Set Photos Reveal Closer Look at This X-Men Island

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Earlier this year, a leaked set photo from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier suggests that the heroes would somehow end up in a location from the Marvel Comics, prominent in X-Men issues. Now, fans can get a closer look at the popular island, which features cool details and possibly Easter Eggs or spoilers.


This article may include POTENTIAL SPOILERS for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Thanks to Murphy's Multiverse, new set photos give a much detailed look at the MCU's version of Madripoor. The images reveal new locations as well as the general sense of the set, including some that can be considered as Easter Eggs.

The set features a sign for "Stringer's Strip House," which is a possible connection to Nick Fury, given that he once had a secret hideout at the island called "Stinger." There is also a location filled with metal monkey skulls, which could reference the Brass Monkey Saloon. This first appeared in a Captain America comic set. The location suggests that the heroes could come across some inhabitants, resulting in conflict.

Aside from those, other images show a casino as well as a tattoo parlor. Overall, the set took consideration of some fine details that really make up for an epic location. You can check them out here.


For now, it's unclear when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives on Disney+ due to the coronavirus pandemic, considering that there are a few weeks of shooting left to cover. That said, these set photos seemingly promise some epic scenes of Madripoor for the show.

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