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The Eternals Latest Set Report May Have Revealed A Huge Spoiler

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Marvel's The Eternals is set to film a "huge action sequence" at London this week. The scene is said to be that of the Eternals facing their enemies, which includes a lot of special effects and tons of destruction. Details are yet to be revealed about the upcoming movie, but it looks like the latest set report may have revealed a huge plot spoiler.

This article contains potential SPOILERS for The Eternals.

According to a fan account dedicated to the movie, the newest report claims that the said fight scene would be between the Eternals and the Deviants. The characters are said to be attending an event alongside government officials and modern people. However, the event is supposedly a trap that may potentially compromise the Eternals' identity to the whole world. The account also says Ikaris, Thena, and Sersi would be engaged in a fight.

This set report may have revealed a pivotal point in the film since the scene will show that the Eternals' identities will be at the risk of getting revealed, considering that they are a very secretive race, as shown in the comics.

The Deviant's appearances are very much intriguing since Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously revealed that these characters will look "unlike any Deviants" that fans have seen the comics. They are said to be a new form that'll be revealed in the upcoming movie.

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The Eternals is set to be released on November 6, 2020.

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