The Eminence in Shadow RPG Is Now Available on PC in English

The Eminence in Shadow PC Cid Kagenou

The Eminence in Shadow PC Cid Kagenou

While Season 2 won’t be released anytime soon, fans can at least enjoy The Eminence in Shadow RPG, as it has been released officially on PC in English by Crunchyroll Games.

The game’s release was announced recently by Crunchyroll, and its launch was made alongside new events that are coming to other Crunchyroll-published titles.

While The Eminence in Shadow’s video game adaptation was released back in November worldwide, this new PC version’s launch makes the game more accessible to players, especially those who prefer to game on PC.

The Eminence in Shadow: A Surprise Isekai Hit

While it may have been overshadowed by other shows such as Chainsaw Man and Bocchi the Rock!, The Eminence in Shadow has quickly become one of the biggest recent isekai hits.

Unlike other isekai anime which are set in bright fantasy worlds, Eminence features a dark fantasy setting, though it is balanced by a dose of comedy.

The series follows a boy in Japan who is reborn in another world as Cid Kagenou.

In this world, he makes up a story about being the leader of a shadow organization that is up against a cult that secretly rules the world.

the eminence in shadow cid kagenou
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While this story was made up, it turns out that this is actually what’s happening in the world.

Soon, he gets involved in a complex power struggle, all without his knowledge.

Given the show’s unusual episode count, The Eminence in Shadow only ended in the middle of Winter 23.

But to prove its popularity, a second season was announced just shortly after the first season’s finale.

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Crunchyroll Games Launches The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden on PC

the eminence in shadow beta
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The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden was initially launched on Android and iOS on November 29, 2022.

Unlike many anime RPGs, this game was released worldwide on the same day as its Japanese release.

Though as with many of today’s popular mobile games, Master of Garden has also gotten a PC port.

This new version comes just in time for the game’s half-year anniversary event.

The new event adds new looks for Alpha and Gamma, bonuses for new and returning players, and 6,000 free Phantasm Gems for all players.

The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden is now available on PC in most of the world, except in East Asia, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

This PC port also features cross-platform play and progression with the mobile versions.

More details about the game can be found on its official website.

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