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Yellowstone Season 5 Spoilers, News & Update: Sarah’s Feelings for Jamie Might Not Be Entirely Fake

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In Yellowstone Season 5, Sarah Atwood is among the Duttons' most formidable enemies. She arrives in Montana when Caroline Warner needs to mobilize the heavy hitters for Market Equities. Sarah instantly recognizes Jamie Dutton as a potential weakness and a means of bringing the Duttons down.

Instead of attacking Jamie, Sarah starts a romance with him and gradually gains his trust. She eventually persuades him to demand John Dutton's removal as governor.

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Yellowstone Season 5: What's the Real Score Between Sarah & Jamie?

Jamie isn't foolish, and he feels Sarah is taking advantage of him at first. Sarah, on the other hand, assures Jamie that she is only romantically involved with him because she wants to be. Nonetheless, she clearly has a plan for the Duttons and is a highly intelligent and clever individual.

So, does Sarah have genuine feelings for Jamie at the end of the day?

"I think that's what's so scary about a woman like this: It's all real, even when it's an illusion," Dawn Olivieri, who plays Sarah, told The Hollywood Reporter. "When I do any of the work that I do, it has to be as real as it can be. That's why as an actor, you substitute people and situations you are working opposite so that it can be real."

"With Wes [Bentley], it's been both. I'm using him, and I'm falling in love with him at the same time," Olivieri continued. "So that line is very interesting to me. How do you walk that line? That's the trickery. And I think whatever he needs, I'll facilitate. That's my role here. I'm the kingmaker. There are no rules, you do what needs to be done in order to win."

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What does Jamie Think of Sarah?

Despite the fact that Sarah has her own objectives, she has given Jamie something he has never had – one of the few individuals who support Jamie is Sarah.

"She's very attractive to him, and I don't just mean physically," Jamie actor Wes Bentley told TVLine.

"Obviously, she's physically attractive, but her cool and her understanding of the level she's at seems more in tune with who Jamie is now and the world he's meant for, so he's tapping into that." Sarah has her own motives, but Jamie likely isn't blind to that fact.

"As a man who's been used for 30 years, he knows when he's being used," Bentley continued. "So he knows [Sarah's associates are] going to use him, and it's smart of them to do so. [His thinking is] 'OK, what can I get out of it, too, aside from this relationship? Because I need protection.' We're playing a dangerous game here."

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Yellowstone Season 5 will return on air in the summer of 2023.

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