24 Jul 2020 10:52 AM +00:00 UTC

The Boys Season 2 Clip Pits Butcher Against The Deep and a Whale

We already know that The Deep will be rejoining The Seven in The Boys Season 2 but this might not be a good thing for marine animals. The latest clip from the upcoming season features Chace Crawford's character getting help from a whale to take on Billy Butcher but it doesn't end well for them.

In the clip, Butcher and his team are on a speedboat trying to get away from the Supes. Although they are being chased by sharks, the team still manage to get close to land. Unfortunately, their luck is also running out. It is revealed that The Deep is also trailing them while on the back of a huge whale.

So what does The Deep intend to do with the whale? Instead of making the animal crash against the boat to knock everyone into the water, the superhero intentionally makes the whale beach itself on the shore to block their way. Unfortunately, this turns out to be the wrong move as Butcher once again proves he will stop at nothing to defeat the Supes.

It's a bloody sequence that once again leads to the unfortunate death of another marine animal. You would have thought that The Deep has already learned his lesson but it looks like he's still really bad at coming up with useful ideas.

Catch more bloody action sequences when The Boys Season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime on September 4.

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