The Boys' Antony Starr Hypes Up Potential MCU Casting as Wolverine in New Image

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Credit: Amazon Prime

We all learned during Disney's Investor Day 2020 that Marvel Studios has yet to disclose plans regarding the future of the X-Men franchise. As frustrating as that may sound to a lot of Marvel fans, keeping the information regarding the project under wraps is obviously the most logical and smartest thing to do considering the fact that Phase 4 hasn't even started yet and the mutants are rumored to be introduced at a later Phase.

The great news is, the folks over at Marvel Studios still have plenty of time to decide how they'll build up their X-roster. Naturally, including characters like Wolverine to the fold is a no-brainer and it continues to become a topic of discussion amongst fans which actor should portray the claw-slashing outlaw in the successful film franchise. Previous rumors have suggested that Kingsman star Taron Eggerton is in the running to play Logan but he's already denied it on multiple occasions. Other names like Tom Hardy, Daniel Radcliffe, and Dacre Montgomery have all popped up in the conversation but as it stands, it seems like Marvel Studios executives are in no rush to make their decision.

The Boys actor Antony Starr also happens to be a strong contender amongst fans ever since he declared his desire to play Logan in the MCU. Artist ApexForm is apparently behind the idea so he created a marvelous artwork depicting Starr as the MCU's Wolverine. The image quickly got the Homelander actor's attention and he hyped up the potential casting by leaving a cryptic comment on the post, giving the image his seal of approval. Check it out below:

Antony sure has the depth and intensity to be a believable Logan but I gotta say, he's so effective as a douchebag, it'll be hard to see him play a more heroic role. I'm not saying I know better but if he indeed makes a jump to either Marvel or DC, I hope he continues playing a villain. What do you think? Does Antony Starr scream Wolverine to you?

Meanwhile. The Boys Season 3 will hit Amazon Prime next year.

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