The Boys Actor Antony Starr is Once Again Teasing Playing Wolverine in the MCU

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Credit: Amazon Prime

The Boys actor Antony Starr may be wreaking havoc in the hit Amazon Prime series as the devious and psychopathic Homelander but as much as he enjoys playing the villain which he pulls off effortlessly, Starr also has his sights set on one day becoming a full-fledged hero. In fact, the actor has expressed his interest in playing Wolverine in the MCU on multiple occasions.

Even Marvel fans are pretty convinced that Antony has what it takes to not only do the role justice but also live up to the legacy Hugh Jackman established as the claw-slashing, cigar-smoking mutant outlaw, and quite frankly, if you'd ask me, I'm sold with the idea of him becoming the next Logan.

And it looks like our boy Homelander truly means business as he's once again expressing his interest in playing the role. Responding to Instagram digital artist @spdrmnkyxxiii's jaw-dropping fan art depicting him as the iconic X-Men member, Antony jokingly said that he'll begin working on growing his Wolverine sideburns. Check it out here:

While it's hard to top Jackman's iconic portrayal of the character, I still have faith in Marvel Studios' casting prowess and I know for sure that they won't let fans down regardless of which actor they end up choosing to play the role. Hollywood is loaded with charismatic and brilliant actors that could breathe new life into Logan and I'm just so excited to see how Kevin Feige and his crew pull everything off.

The MCU's X-Men reboot is reportedly in development.

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