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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, News & Update: Eric Forrester Cheats Again, Quinn Fuller Finds Comfort With A Former Flame

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We've always known that The Bold and the Beautiful character Eric Forrester(John McCook) doesn't do well when it comes to sticking to one. Over the years, he has successfully seduced a couple of the show’s leading ladies, including Brooke Logan(Katherine Kelly Lang) and Stephanie Forrester(Susan Flannery). Now, it’s clear that he’s not going to stay faithful to his wife, Quinn Fuller(Rena Sofer).

Eric Cheats on Quinn in The Bold and the Beautiful

Following Stephanie's death, Eric found love with Quinn. Eric and Quinn were one of The Bold and the Beautiful's most unexpected pairings, but they quickly became fan favorites. However, the couple's marriage has not always been happy.

The pair had a difficult year last year. Eric's erectile dysfunction, as well as Quinn's affair with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), put a strain on their marriage. The two, on the other hand, were not ready to quit.

Quinn ended her relationship with Carter in order to be with Eric, but she may regret that decision. Despite Eric's pledge of love, the patriarch of the Forrester family is unfaithful to his wife. Eric is having an affair with his ex-wife Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis), as revealed in the May 3 episode.

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Eric Forrester and Donna Logan’s affair was a surprise

For a while, The Bold and the Beautiful hinted at an Eric and Donna reconciliation. Donna was the one who magically treated Eric when he was diagnosed with ED. Despite being affected by Donna's admission that she still loves him, Eric Forrester refuses to abandon his wife.

Quinn was enraged when she discovered Eric and Donna's encounter and forced her husband to break off their relationship. After that, Eric dismissed Donna, effectively ending their friendship. Everyone assumed Donna's chances of reuniting with her Honey Bear were over. However, the writers had a surprise in store for the audience.

While Quinn was at work, Eric slipped away to meet Donna. With their bottle of honey, the couple shared a romantic moment in bed.

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Quinn finds comfort with a former love

Eric and Donna rekindling their affair was a huge surprise on The Bold and the Beautiful. While some fans are overjoyed with the reunion, others are curious about what will happen to Quinn. So yet, she is unaware of her husband's extramarital affairs. But she will soon discover Eric's betrayal, and it appears that they will not be able to save their marriage this time.

Quinn will be distraught after losing Eric to Donna, but she will not be alone for long. Quinn has been spending more time with Carter recently, fueling anticipation that they could reconnect.

Quarter fans adored the former The Bold and the Beautiful couple and were disappointed when they split up. Carter, on the other hand, becoming Quinn's hero in shining armor after her divorce is a fantastic method to bring them back together.

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