The Blacklist Season 10 News & Update: New Images Tease an Unrecognizable Red

Credit: SpoilerTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SpoilerTV/YouTube Screenshot

Red (James Spader) got a new hairstyle for The Blacklist Season 10.

Red demonstrates in the clip and images supplied by Entertainment Weekly that being alone is virtually his natural state.

The Blacklist Season 10 To Feature A Brand New Red

Red looks to be on the run, sporting a new look that has left him with long hair and a beard, as Cooper (Harry Lennix) appears to be unaware that Red is in New York at all. With Red ignoring Aram, who reportedly quit The Blacklist after Season 9, the future of the roaming anti-hero seems incredibly volatile.

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Red, Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff), Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq), and Cooper will all return to the show. Siya (Anya Banerjee), Meera Malik's (Parminder Nagra) daughter, will join the cast as she searches for Red's squad and pays tribute to her mother.

The Blacklist To End After Season 10

The Blacklist Season 10 is almost here, after years of declining ratings that left the show with an average of only 4.77 million viewers throughout Season 9. After abruptly resurrecting Wujing (Chin Han) from Season 1, The Blacklist will return to its beginnings by putting Red in the role of the hunted criminal, where he has previously solely been the hunter. It appears to have resulted in a new look and explosions, something Red is all too familiar with.

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With Blacklist ending with Season 10, the program will have the opportunity to appropriately complete its long-running saga. There will be 22 episodes, and The Blacklist will need them all to answer the numerous unanswered questions. The show still needs to explain Liz's significance and why Red has kept his identity hidden for so long.

The Blacklist Season 10, which premieres on Feb. 26, appears to be wrapping up loose ends, reintroducing old characters, and putting a conclusion to Red's narrative.

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