The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 12: Crosshair Returns But At What Cost?

Credit: Disney+

Credit: Disney+

It's Bad Batch Wednesday and this week's episode is truly a special one as we finally catch up with Crosshair. However, that doesn't mean Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 12 is a happy one as Crosshair gets sent on another mission that changes his perspective towards the Galactic Empire.

In The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 12, Crosshair is summoned by Imperial officer Lieutenant Nolan on a mission to secure high-value cargo from Barton-4. When they arrive, Crosshair meets Mayday, a clone commander who has been assigned to the outpost and struggling to prevent raiders from stealing cargo. It is immediately clear that Mayday isn't impressed with Nolan, who dislikes clones.

It doesn't take long before the outpost is attacked yet again and Mayday's remaining members Hexx and Veetch are killed in the chaos. The enraged Nolan orders Crosshair and Mayday to retrieve the stolen cargo, refusing to allow any of his Stormtroopers to help them.

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Credit: Disney+

Although they manage to track down the raiders, Crosshair and Mayday accidentally blow up the cargo which is revealed to be new equipment for the Stormtroopers. Before they could gather up the gear, the explosion triggers an avalanche that injures Mayday. He urges Crosshair to leave him but Crosshair carries him back to the facility.

Mayday is clearly dying and Crosshair begs Nolan to send the clone to a medic. However, Nolan refuses and Mayday dies in front of Crosshair. Nolan reiterates that the clones are expendable and Crosshair shoots him before passing out. When he awakens, he realizes that he is being examined by Doctor Royce Hemlock's assistant Emerie Karr who says that the doctor will check on Crosshair after the examinations.

It's interesting to note that Crosshair finally changed his mind about the Galactic Empire and decided to take revenge for Mayday's death. Unfortunately, it led him to Mount Tantiss where the worst things could happen to an enhanced clone like him.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 12 is now streaming on DIsney+.

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