Star Wars Fans Celebrate Another Clone's Brief Return in The Bad Batch Season 2

The latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 has been a truly exciting one as we found out more about the Galactic Empire's true intentions regarding Kamino's cloning expertise. In addition to that, we got to see a new Zillo Beast do its best King Kong impression. However, the coolest thing in Episode 11 might be the brief but promising return of a clone commando.

In The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 11, Clone Force 99 tried to retrieve cargo from a crashed vessel but ended up facing a cloned Zillo Beast that went on a rampage looking for an energy source to feed on. Meanwhile, the Imperial cloning scientist Doctor Hemlock tried to find a way to convince Nala Se to work for them, ultimately calling on Lama Su to find some leverage.

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Interestingly, Hemlock appears to have another secret weapon up his sleeve. It is later revealed that the Imperial forces sent to retrieve the Zillo Beast were led by RC-1262 aka Scorch who was a member of the Delta Squad. Scorch confirms to Hemlock that a military ship was present when they took the beast and Hemlock orders him to look into it.

Scorch's return immediately had Star Wars fans celebrating.

It's only a brief appearance but there is little doubt we'll see more of Scorch in the upcoming episodes of The Bad Batch. Unfortunately, it would also mean that he will be going up against Clone Force 99 and we're not sure if we want to see the outcome of that fight.

Scorch first appeared in the third season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars but was an important part of the video game Star Wars: Republic Commando before that. He also had a brief appearance in the first season of The Bad Batch.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 11 is titled Metamorphosis. It is now streaming on Disney+.

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