Star Wars: The Acolyte Pulled A Parent Trap on Sol in the Latest Episode

the acolyte parent trap
Credit: Lucasfilm | Disney+ | Source: | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

the acolyte parent trap
Credit: Lucasfilm | Disney+ | Source: | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

What's easier to pull off than disguising yourself as your own twin? The latest episode of The Acolyte pulled off the classic Parent Trap trick on Sol with Mae and Osha's switcheroo.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Acolyte, so proceed with caution.

The Acolyte Episode 5 Pulled A Parent Trap on Fans

The Acolyte episode 5 titled Night shows how Jedi Master Sol doesn't know Mae and Osha that well. In fact, he can barely tell them apart when Mae cuts off her hair to look the part and be able to pass as her sister.

While fans expected The Acolyte to feature a switcheroo as soon as they learned Mae and Osha are twins, many still found it hilarious how the classic Parent Trap trick was pulled off.

Aside from their chosen sides, Mae and Osha's other main difference is their hair. Mae has grown out hers, while Osha's is cropped short.

So, in an attempt to fool Sol and pass as Osha, Mae cuts off her hair, just like Lindsay Lohan's character, Annie, in The Parent Trap.

At one point, a fan even compared this episode of The Acolyte with a similar scene in House of the Dragon season 2 episode 2, where Ser Erryk swoops into the Blacks' castle pretending to be his own twin brother, Ser Arryk, to carry out his mission of murdering Queen Rhaenyra.

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What This Could Mean For the Future of the Series

While fans found the switcheroo hilarious, Mae and Osha's switcheroo did raise the question of just how much Jedi Master Sol really knows his own apprentice.

Mae cut off her hair and stole her sister's uniform, and Sol could barely tell the difference, unlike Bazil and Qimir, who saw right through the disguise.

This could only lead to trouble in the future The Acolyte episodes, especially now that Mae has come boarded Sol's ship, leaving Osha behind on the planet.

It's only a matter of time before Mae executes the last Jedi on her list and claims her victory.

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Meanwhile, The Acolyte episode 6 premieres on July 2.

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