The Acolyte Fans Believe Episode 5 Delivered the Best Star Wars Lightsaber Battle in Years

Charlie Barnett as Yord Fandar in The Acolyte episode 5
Credit: Lucasfilm

Charlie Barnett as Yord Fandar in The Acolyte episode 5
Credit: Lucasfilm

The recently-aired episode 5 of The Acolyte has prompted enthusiastic reactions from fans as they believe that it delivered the best lightsaber battle in Star Wars in years.

The fourth episode ended on a massive cliffhanger as the mysterious Sith Lord revealed himself in front of Sol and the other Jedis, setting up a major lightsaber battle between the two sides.

For days, fans have been anticipating the episode as they are expecting it to be action-packed and we've seen some glimpses on the trailer about the kind of lightsaber fight that we can expect in their showdown.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for The Acolyte episode 5, so proceed with caution.

The Acolyte Fans React to Episode 5's Lightsaber BattleBattle

Episode 5 of The Acolyte titled "Night" was heavily focused on the lightsaber battle between Sol and the Jedis, the Sith Lord, and Mae in the jungles of Khofar.

It also featured a confrontation between Sol and the Sith Lord, who was revealed to be Qimir all along. Fans have suspected since last week's episode that he might be the identity of the mysterious character.

However, the lightsaber battle ended with the shocking demises of fan-favorite characters Jecki and Yord as Qimir managed to kill them off.

The episode's massive lightsaber battle sequence has received positive responses from fans as they praised its choreography and the intensity of the action.

Some of the fans even believe that this is the best lightsaber battle in the Star Wars franchise in years, which is a huge compliment considering the equally impressive lightsaber action that past films and TV shows have done before.

Here are some of the posts from fans on social media who reacted to the episode's lightsaber battle:

In a past interview, Dafne Keen, who plays Jecki, hinted that the series was aiming to surpass the lightsaber battle in The Phantom Menace.

"Yeah, that was a very frequent conversation we had. It was very much: We want to top the Darth Maul fight — the most iconic fight, I think, in the Star Wars cinematic universe," Keen said during that time.

"It's such an amazing fight and we were all so excited about the saber fights. There's such a skill and a craft to it that it feels so OG Star Wars and feels so impressive when you see it as a viewer."

This is likely the moment that Keen was referring to, and most fans are agreeing with the sentiment based on the reactions online.

Choreographing a top-tier lightsaber battle is not an easy feat considering what has been done before in the franchise so kudos to the team involved in the series as they managed to pull it off effectively.

New episodes of The Acolyte premiere every Tuesday night on Disney+.

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