Teen Top Niel Signs Exclusive Contract With New Agency

Credit: TOP MEDIA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TOP MEDIA/YouTube Screenshot

TEEN TOP member Niel secured an exclusive deal with a new agency months after he and Changjo left TOP Media.

Niel expanded over a year since starting his career with TEEN TOP. He officially started promoting as a solo artist when he released his first EP, oNiely, in February 2015.

Months after deciding to leave his former agency, the Do You Know Taekwondo? The actor officially found a new home.

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TEEN TOP Niel Secures Contract With NEW ENTRY

On August 10, NEW ENTRY officially confirmed that the idol-turned-actor became part of its family.

The management label was founded by CEO Sung Sang Hyun, who previously worked with SM Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, and FNC Entertainment.

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“We recognized Niel’s potential as a solo artist and signed a contract with him. We’re going to support Niel so that he can make the music he wants to as much as possible,” the company said, as quoted by Xportsnews.

Niel serves as the latest artist to join the company after Lim Kim(Kim Yerim). Under NEW ENTRY, he will continue his activities both as an actor and musician.

Niel Is Still TEEN TOP Member

Although he signed a contract with NEW ENTRY, Niel remains a member of TEEN TOP.

On Dec. 28, 2021, TOP Media announced Niel and Changjo’s departure from the agency as they did not renew their contracts which expired on January 10.

TOP Media announced:

“We agreed that Niel and Changjo would still participate in promotional activities for Teen Top even after the end of their contracts due to the members’ deep affection and trust for the group. We sincerely thank Niel and Changjo for having been our artists for such a long time, and we support both Niel and Changjo in their upcoming endeavors as great artists.”

Before leaving the company, he was still able to release his final solo album in January.

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