Tales of the Walking Dead: Will Terry Crews’ Joe Return to The Walking Dead Universe?

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The first two episodes of Tales of the Walking Dead have officially dropped, ending Terry Crews' stint on the show. But as his character Joe luckily survived the world full of zombies, would he return to the franchise?

Crews led Tales of the Walking Dead premiere on Sunday, August 14. As Joe and Evie (Olivia Munn) survived, what’s next for the two?


The Story of Evie and Joe

More than a year into the zombie apocalypse, Evi and Joe went on a road trip to meet the prepper Sandra (Kersti Bryan) in real life after she connected to Joe online.

Sandra lived underground, complete with everything she needed, but she became paranoid after believing Evie and Joe wanted to steal her completely-stocked bunker.

Joe almost ended up being drugged and murdered in the basement, but he and Evie luckily survived.


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In an interview with ComicBook, Crews revealed he loved how people behind Tales of the Walking Dead ended his episode, though things didn’t look bright for his and Munn’s characters.

“Very hopeful, but I feel there are very, very dark times headed for both of them,” he said. As Evie was right in this episode, he hoped Joe would be dead-on in any future iteration.

Crews believed their survival was a sign of what was about to come in the future of the zombie apocalypse.

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"Even being catfished with Sandra and the whole thing, they began to experience betrayal," he stated. "It's only a little more than 400 days into the apocalypse. And I think there's some really dark times ahead."

Would Terry Crews Return to the World of Tales of the Walking Dead?

As Joe and Evie survived, would fans still see Crews in the future episodes of Tales of the Walking Dead?


“Absolutely. Absolutely,” he swore.

"This is a non-linear [tale], we don't know what part, we just know it is a year and so into [the apocalypse]," he continued. "But what I love is the way when you watch Walking Dead, they go back years into people's backstories. And then you turn around, and bam, you're right there in the current time."

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According to Insider, Crews’ involvement in the series was only described as a “one-off,” but he’s very much open to returning.

"I want that very, very bad," he added. "I'm keeping everything open for that door. That door is wide open and if they let me back in, I'd be welcoming."

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