Supernatural Star Says Jensen Ackles Almost Played Batman In Gotham Knights

There is little doubt that Batman will still play an important role in the upcoming DC series Gotham Knights although the events in the show take place after the death of Bruce Wayne. Interestingly, the superhero was initially supposed to be played by a familiar face. Former Supernatural star Misha Collins has just confirmed that his old castmate Jensen Ackles was set to play Batman when the series was still in development.

Misha Collins has already been confirmed to portray Harvey Dent in Gotham Knights. However, he wasn't the only Supernatural star who was supposed to appear in the show. Collins recently revealed on The Flash podcast that Jensen Ackles was the frontrunner to play Bruce Wayne in the series.

"I don't know if I'm supposed to reveal this, but we tried to work it out to have Jensen play Batman on the show," Collins said. "It was all kind of teed up, but unfortunately, Jensen was on another show at the time, and coordinating between two series is challenging. So it didn't ultimately end up working out, but we tried."

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Not surprisingly, Collins shared how Jensen Ackles was excited about being part of Gotham Knights.

"Jensen was pretty psyched about the prospect at one point because he does the voice of Batman for the animated movies," he said. "It would have been a great tie-in, and I thought it would be super fun too. But unfortunately, that didn't work out, and I thought it would be super fun too. But unfortunately, that didn't work out."

It certainly would have been an awesome thing to see Jensen Ackles as the live-action Batman but it simply wasn't meant to be. Nevertheless, we're looking forward to David Miller's version of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming series.

Gotham Knights is currently set to premiere on The CW on March 14, 2023.

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