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Superman and Lois Season 2 Episode 7: Is [SPOILERS] Dead? Fans are Furious About It

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Superman & Lois. Read at your own risk!

Superman & Lois Season 2 is down to a darker path as Episode 7, Anti-Hero, ends up with a devastating and surprising death of a character that everyone is just starting to like, and with this, fans are furious on social media that they claim that his story does not deserve such an ending. As Bizarro bids goodbye, what would the Man of Steel do now?

Superman and Lois Season 2 Episode 7: Is Bizarro Dead? Fans are Furious About It
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Credit: The CW
Superman and Lois Season 2 Episode 7: Is Bizarro Dead? Fans are Furious About It

This week’s episode has already been teased to be heartbreaking according to the one on the director’s seat, Agents of SHIELD’s Elizabeth Henstridge, and her words were true enough as Bizarro dies mercilessly in the hands of Lt. Anderson.

Picking up from where it left, Superman remains in the custody for the crime of treason after he refused to tell where Bizarro is to Lt. Anderson while Lana continues to save her failing marriage, and Clark and Lois’ kinds are still on rough waters after Jordan found out that Jonathan has been taking in X-Kryptonite to get powers.

Of course, Superman broke free from captivity along with his brother Tal Rho to go to Bizarro at Tal’s Fortress but not far behind them was Lt. Anderson who attacked both of them to forcibly release Bizarro. Anderson tried to kill Superman with Kryptonite bullets but Tal Rho saved his brother, hence, getting shot. Lara’s hologram freed Bizarro to save her sons.

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Anderson, too, has taken for himself X-Kryptonite to get powers and when he discovered that such is the weakness of Bizarro, he mercilessly kills Bizarro.

Bizarro only appeared for a few episodes but as fans are starting to like his character upon learning that he just wants to stop Ally from destroying the world like she did on theirs, strong reactions stirred up on social media as fans think the show did Bizarro dirty and left him for dead without justice. Here are some fan reactions to Bizarro’s death.

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