Super Junior Shindong Admits to Yelling at BTS Members for Being So Loud in the Past

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Super Junior Shindong and fans recently looked back at the time he yelled at his junior idols who were being noisy while in the waiting room.

K-pop groups have the chance to meet each other backstage during their music show appearances. But sometimes, some idols speak and yell too much that they bother other groups.

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Shindong Recalls Yelling at BTS

A clip of Shindong's previous video in which he opened up about yelling at younger idols reemerged.

In the clip, the Super Junior member revealed he once yelled at the Run hitmakers because they were talking so loud.

"While we were watching, they were being so noisy. So I got mad at them, saying they were being too noisy" Shindong continued, "I said to them, 'Kids, you guys are being so noisy, can you go outside to chit chat?'" he said.

Shindong still expressed his regret before calling himself trash.

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Fans, on the other hand, hilariously acknowledged BTS members' behavior, saying that there have been stories about the group being so noisy whenever they are together. Among the comments read:

"Super Junior members are super loud too but for them to say that BTS is loud, imagine how loud they are lol."

"They're so loud and they all sound like they are talking about different things but they are still able to converse."

"Fans already know how noisy they can get when all seven are together."

Super Junior Shindong Is in a Relationship

Meanwhile, Super Junior Shindong's fans expressed their delight after the idol confirmed he is in a relationship with a non-celebrity.

Sports Seoul released a report about the buzz, saying that Shindong is in a relationship with a former trainee who is younger than him.

The idol group's agency, SJ Label, confirmed the news in a statement to the publication.

"The two are supporting each other and are growing their love. They are dating, but there are currently no plans for marriage," the agency continued.

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